How To Do a Chest Trap

How To Do a Chest Trap

Many players around the world find it difficult to keep the ball using their first touch. This is either by poor technique or lack of awareness or where defenders are. Watch the very best players around the world while they have spent much time honing their technique on how to control the ball properly. Listed below are techniques and drills that may help you improve both your first touch and ball control.

How to control the ball


When receiving the ball, it is best to maintain the ball stepping into space or far from a defender, instead of to create the ball to a complete stop. When getting the ball, it is critical to make contact just across the core ball to maintain the ball across the ground. It is critical to cushion the ball, this brings the ball under your control. The good footballers can invariably settle the ball quickly and from defenders and into space. This gives them more time to maintain one step while watching opposition. In order to move the ball into space and far from defenders, it is important that you are aware of what you are likely to do with the ball before getting the total stop.


Trapping differs to receiving in how that trapping is to bring the ball to some complete stop. Trapping is usually used once the ball is traveling too quickly so that you can control effectively. When trapping the ball you should stay relaxed and also on your toes. In contrast to being tense and stiff, this allows you to adjust quickly. When trapping the ball cushioning plays an important part. When cushioning you need to take the pace off the ball, this is accomplished by withdrawing your foot at the moment of impact.

The way to practice control

The easiest and many efficient way to train control has been someone. The two of you can practice different types of control by passing the ball together or throwing the ball together. If you cannot get a partner, the next best thing is really a wall. A wall provides you with the opportunity practice the skills you want so long as you want. With a wall you are able to practise simple passing and receiving to volleys and chest control. It is necessary when practising ball control, that you practice with both feet. Being able to control the ball with both feet makes you unpredictable to defenders.

Control with the inside the foot

When governing the ball with all the inside of the Foot, the supporting leg has to be slightly bent and must be planted 45 to 90? in relation to the road with the ball. At the moment of contact, cushion the ball across the original path, moving the ball either into space or away from a defender.

Control with all the outside of the foot

How To Do a Chest Trap In Soccer

This system is advantageous when you have your opponent pressuring you from behind. First of all you must get the body in between the ball and defender standing slightly sideways along with your arm slightly raised, to be able to Push or postpone a defender. The supporting leg should be slightly bent at a roughly 90? angle from which the ball is arriving. On the moment of contact the ball is cushioned with all the outside of the foot giving the defender no chance to obtain the ball fairly.

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